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The Life Sciences practice of Sterling-Hoffman was formed with a simple purpose:
help biotechnology & pharmaceutical companies change the world via acquisition of the best people.

Pharmaceutical companies are under tremendous pressure to uncover the next blockbuster drug with pipelines drying up and drug patents expiring. At the same time, investors are demanding profits NOW. The two conflicting forces represent an immense challenge to the industry. Meanwhile, venture capital is flowing into Biotechnology companies like never before, in an attempt to meet the desperate need for new drugs brought on by an aging baby-boomer population worldwide. Vital to the ecosystem, Contract Research Organizations are struggling to hire people willing to take on the grueling travel and long hours required to ensure that clinical trials go smoothly.

Established in 2004, our Life Sciences practice provides executive search and recruitment services to the CRO, Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals markets. With over 200 recruitment & research professionals worldwide and offices located in Silicon Valley, Chicago, Raleigh, Boston, Williamsville, and Toronto - as well as a long history of serving venture capital firms and their portfolio companies, our firm is quickly emerging as the premier recruitment & clinical staffing firm in the Life Sciences arena.

Sterling-Hoffman Life Sciences prides itself on delivering three specific advantages to our clients: Domain Expertise, Speed via Size, and North American-wide reach.

Domain Expertise

The Recruitment Specialists at Sterling-Hoffman Life Sciences understand these challenges in a way that the majority of firms simply do not. As a result, we are able to secure the trust and respect of the very best candidates in the industry.

Speed via Size

The typical recruitment firm may dedicate only 1-2 recruiters to a project, hoping that a quick review of their active rolodex will yield a few candidates worth presenting to a client. They want you to hire the candidates they have right now – because they don’t have the time to actively source new talent on your behalf. As a result, the average firm can take weeks or months before delivering on an urgent search requirement.

Sterling-Hoffman has over 200 employees, and can dedicate a large team of up to 12 Researchers & Recruiters to every single client we accept on a retained basis - ensuring that every possible stone is turned over in the shortest amount of time, and thereby introducing you to great candidates within only a week of beginning the project.

North American Reach

Life Sciences companies need access to the best people – not just the best people who happen to live close by. Not to mention that clinical trials seldom take place in just one city. Sterling-Hoffman Life Sciences has the capability to recruit talent in every major city in North America. Our firm boasts offices in the major Biotechnology hubs, and offers video conferencing capability that allows for candidates to be interviewed anywhere, anytime.

Sterling-Hoffman Life Sciences: specialists in human capital acquisition for emerging life sciences companies. If you have an open position that requires assistance, please contact:

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